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Back home at MAR-10 house

Back home at MAR-10 house

Opportunities arise out of change, and having a baby can be one of life's biggest adjustments. I admit that I have never been the type to have my "5 year plan" figured out. I think I sort of float through life and I am happy with that. In fact, less than a year ago Alex and I were happy living in Toronto and we never thought we would move back to Barrie. However, when we found out we were going to have a baby, our feelings about our hometown changed.

I do understand some families work better with cities between them, but I can say we are lucky enough to happily live under the same roof as my parents.

The day we took Bowie home from the hospital, was our first day back at home... my childhood home!

So, we have all been here at the old Martin house for 2 months now and every day I get to see my parents working on what they love to do. They have been artists their whole lives and have run their own business for over 30 years. The business name has changed a few times and my parents artistic focus has shifted as well, but change is inevitable and organic and I am confident it will bring about the best yet.

With this blog I will be documenting my family at home and my parents work and business, MAR-10 house.

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