About us

30 years ago Derek and Tracey moved into a small house outside Barrie just before their first of three babies was born. They were looking for a spot to raise their family and for a lifestyle that allowed them to make beautifully designed products in a multitude of materials. Always keeping in mind what would be good for the family and community, they followed environmentally sound practices in their work and organic vegetable garden. Tracey’s concern about the waste of fresh water was behind the decision to implement a vegetarian diet and to use Organic cotton, which uses far less water, in her line of clothing. But the main benefit of organic materials is that the crops aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful for farmers, workers, consumers of clothing, and entire wildlife eco-systems. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

indigo shibori dyed organic cotton sweaterorganic cotton sweater








 These are two sets of waxes that I made. They will be covered in investment to make the molds which will be cast in sterling silver or bronze.

measuring investment powder for casting

               Measuring investment powder for to create the molds for casting jewellery.

           melting sterling silver

Melting sterling silver in a crucible so that I can pour it into a mold to create a jewellery form.

casting flask and pieces made

Flask ready for casting process showing the holes which the molten metal will enter through to create the object. Cast bronze pieces after they have been taken out of the flask, cleaned of investment, cut off the tree and ready for further work.

filing jewellery pieces

                Sawing, grinding, filing, sanding and polishing are the next steps.


Finished pendants, one cast in sterling silver, the other in bronze. Both with sterling silver chains.

Derek at work welding

Derek welding steel sculpture Objet D'Art. This piece was in the public art show Taking It To The Streets. 


                Sewing, I know where my clothes come from!

Tracey on T.V.

                 On T.V. once again to promote our local arts community.