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The Making of a Garden Arbour

The Making of a Garden Arbour

Derek has had several inquiries in the last little while as to whether he makes garden arbours. Well to answer that question, it is yes. He has made many over the years and all very different.

When coming up with a new idea for a project it often starts by looking back at work already done, examining historic interests which which have come up over the years and sketching. 

For the new arbour project Derek looked at the fence in our yard, past work and thought about "Tipples", historic examination.

A tipple is a structure used at a mine to load the extracted product (e.g., coal, ores) for transport, typically into railroad hopper cars. In the United States, tipples have been frequently associated with coal mines, but they have also been used for hard rock mining.

        Coal mining tipple.

A tipple in the USA. 

        Tipple inspired fence

Fence being worked on in the studio.

       Arbour maquette

Maquette of the arbour made of metal and paper.